This is the provisional list of events that we will be attending - obviously, this will depend on availability of crews

Further details on these events (and many others) can be found at David Biddulph's Rowing Calendar


May 2019

Saturday 11th May Nottingham City Regatta
Sunday 12th May Nottingham Club and Masters Regatta

June 2019

Saturday 1st June Peterborough Spring Regatta
Sunday 2nd June Peterborough Spring Regatta
Saturday 15th June British Rowing Masters Regatta
Sunday 16th June British Rowing Masters Regatta
Friday 21st June Henley Women's Regatta (1.5km)
Saturday 22nd June Henley Women's Regatta (1.5km)
Sunday 23rd June Henley Women's Regatta (1.5km)

July 2019

Friday 12th July Henley Masters' Regatta (1.5km)
Saturday 13th July Henley Masters' Regatta (1.5km)
Saturday 27th July St. Neots Regatta (1km)
Sunday 28th July St. Neots Regatta (0.5km)

August 2019

Saturday 10th August Peterborough Summer Regatta (1km)
Sunday 11th August Peterborough Summer Regatta (0.5km)

Learn to Row and Beginners events are shown in Green
Whole club events are shown in Orange
Senior/Masters events are shown in Red