MKRC WEHORR Crew 2014 Our membership is varied and we encourage all levels of rowing ability, from experienced rowers to complete newcomers to the sport. We welcome people of all ages (from 16 years upwards), as well as non-rowing supporters who perhaps may wish to take their rowing a little less seriously or just help with the club's activities.

Membership types and fees 2022-2023

Membership Category Duration Fee
Full (18 and above) 12 months £330
Development (18 and above) 12 months £210
Flexible (12 sessions) 12 sessions £115
Taster (with previous experience) 2 months £70
Concessionary (retired / on state benefits) 12 months £210
Recreational (Tuesdays only) 12 months £80
Students & 16/17 year olds living at home 12 months £210
Students & 16/17 year olds living away 12 months £140
Weekly (maximum 6 weeks per year) Weekly £12 per week
Circuits (no use of water or boats) October to March £70
Learn to row 8 sessions plus 2 months' Development Membership £175
Recreational Learn to row - Tuesdays only) 4 months £95
Cox or Coach (no personal use of boats) 12 months Free
Other Fees Duration Fee
Racking personal equipment - indoors 12 months £115
Racking personal equipment - outdoors 12 months £60
Taster session (new rowers) 1 session (2 hours) £12
Friend of MKRC* (no use of boats) 12 months Free

Membership Types

Annual memberships: runs from 1st October to 30th September. Payment is due on 1st October. Although the strong preference is for fees to be paid in full, those who have been a member for more than one year, may opt to pay monthly by direct debit, incurring a 10% surcharge.

Flexible membership: offers flexibility to members unable to commit to regular sessions. Upgrade to full membership possible once the 12 sessions have been used. Session ‘add-ons’ are not permitted. Considered a ‘Full’ membership for the purposes of private boat racking

Recreational membership: access to club equipment on Tuesday mornings only, and when representing the club in British Rowing events

Minimum Age: 16 years old at time of joining. Cox members may join from age 14, but must be accompanied by a parent member until the age of 16, who is fully responsible for their safeguarding

Development: at the discretion of the Captain, may attend Full Membership sessions to Land Train or Cox.

Student Away: starts from time of joining and ends 12 months later.

Circuits membership: available when capacity permits. Monday & Thursday land training. May book erg slots at other times.

NEW members: joining part way through a year are charged on a pro-rata basis, and annually thereafter.

Weekly membership does not include racing.

Membership Exceptions: if a members personal circumstances change, they should raise with the Membership Secretary. Requests to individualise the above options will be considered in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the committee.

Membership Policy

Racking is available to full annual members and is subject to availability

Friends of MKRC: provides a way for former members to maintain a connection to the club. You will receive occasional updates by email

Members who leave & return: must have been away for at least 8 months to be eligible for pro-rata fees. This option is available once every 3 years provided full fees were paid in the preceding 2 years, and has not been offered pro rata more than once in a 5 year period (excl initial join up).

These conditions are in place to allow annual income to be estimated, which is vital for a non-profit making organisation in order to meet it’s obligations for rent, insurance etc. Membership fees are based on these annual running costs rather than being calculated per month. Many members take a significant percentage of the year off for a variety reasons: if membership were to be reduced or suspended at these times, there would be a need to increase membership fees in order to offset the loss of income. Grants and fundraising are also essential to keep the fees at their low level. 

We hope members understand this and appreciate that the fees represent exceptional value in relation to the excellent facilities and equipment available.