MKRC WEHORR Crew 2014 Our membership is varied and we encourage all levels of rowing ability, from experienced rowers to complete newcomers to the sport. We welcome people of all ages (from 16 years upwards), as well as non-rowing supporters who perhaps may wish to take their rowing a little less seriously or just help with the club's activities.

Membership types and fees 2021-2022

Membership Category Duration Fee
Full (18 and above) 12 months £290
Development (18 and above) 12 months £185
Flexible (12 sessions) 12 months £100
Taster (with previous rowing experience) 2 months £60
Concessionary (retired or on state benefits) 12 months £185
Recreational (Tuesdays only) 12 months £70
Students (in full-time education) & 16-17 year olds living at home 12 months £185
Students (in full-time education) & 16-17 year olds living away 12 months (*from time of joining) £120
Weekly (maximum 6 weeks per year) Weekly £10 per week
Circuits (no use of water or boats) October to March £60
Learn to row 8 sessions plus 2 months' Development Membership £150
Learn to row (Recreational
- Tuesdays)
4 months £82
Cox or Coach (no personal use of boats) 12 months Free
Other Fees Duration Fee
Racking personal equipment - indoors 12 months £100
Racking personal equipment - outdoors 12 months £50
Taster session (new rowers) 1 session (2 hours) £10
Friend of MKRC* (no use of boats) 12 months Free

Membership Policy

For annual memberships, the fee year runs from 1st October to 30th September (Fees MUST be paid by 30th October at the latest)

Development Membership members may attend Full Membership Only sessions, to either Land Train or Cox.

Student away membership has special rules and membership starts from time of joining and ends 12 months later.

Fees for NEW members joining part way through a year are charged on a Pro rata basis for the first period of membership only, and are renewed annually thereafter.

Members who leave the Club and then subsequently return, must have been away for at least 8 months before they are eligible for the pro rata fees. This option is only available once every three years AND if a continuously paid-up member in the preceding two years AND have not been offered pro rata more than once in a five year period (excluding initial join up).

Any member whose circumstances change during the membership year may discuss this with the Club Captain, however any requests to individualise the above options will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the committee.

Weekly membership does not include racing.

No use of any of the facilities is allowed until payment is received and an online membership form completed (Paper membership forms accepted for weekend members, guests, Tasters and LTR).

* Becoming a 'Friend of MKRC' allows you to stay connected to the club without being a member. You will receive notifications of social events and key updates regarding MKRC. (This replaces the former 'Social Member' category)