From today (5th May) there will be slightly different signing in/out sheets on the bay door and a different way to report maintenance problems with boats.

The new sheet still has the same boxes for Date, Boat, Crew, Time In and Time Out - please fill these in exactly as before.

What has changed is the boat-check boxes. Instead of lots of boxes that were too small to write any details in, there is now just one box you must tick to show you have performed your boat checks. The checks you need to perform are the same as before and are listed at the side of the sheet (although you should all know what they are anyway).

If you do find any problems while checking your boat before the outing then instead of writing it on the sheet like before you must either:

  • For urgent issues, fix them before you go on the water.
  • For non-urgent issues, write them on the new maintenance whiteboard on the right of the bay above the benches. Mike will check this and assign someone from the maintenance team to sort it out, and also mark it up when it has been fixed.

We are hoping this will both be simpler for you all to use, and make any problems more visible so that everyone can see what they are and will know when they have been fixed.

If you said you'd like to help with maintenance on your membership form then please be proactive and help out with these where you can - just talk to Mike about what you can do to help.