There have been quite a few instances of Quick Release Riggers on WinTech boats coming undone while rowing and causing capsizes. I believe some of us saw this happen to a crew racing at Peterborough, and it also happened to Dan and Shaun in Marie recently on our own lake (though they miraculously avoided capsizing).

This has been happening so regularly that British Rowing and WinTech have released safety advice on how to do it properly.

PLEASE read the guidance and make sure you understand it, especially how to adjust how tight the levers are. If you ever row in or re-rig Marie or Kelly Alexander then we expect you to check the riggers are fastened correctly. It's your responsbility to check - if they come undone the blame will lie squarely with you! If you are unsure please just ask.

The quick release riggers are awesome and save a huge amount of time - we just need to know how to use them.