You may have noticed some scaffolding work up at the clubhouse today. This week they are taking down some of the solar panels in preparation for more substantial building work that will be starting soon.

The work is being done for the Sailing Club and is to build an extension to the clubhouse. It involves refurbishing and extending both changing rooms out towards the lake, which will give them (and us of course!) much bigger and better changing rooms and toilets. I believe the idea is to create two separate changing areas in each so that juniors can get changed separately to adults, which is a modern safeguarding requirement that they need to meet for a lot of their junior sailing courses. They will also build upwards over the extension with a small room with a balcony overlooking the lake, which I think will be a meeting/function room. I've attached some pictures, and you can see the full plans on their planning application online.

We and the Canoe Club have contributed a small portion of our Section 106 grant money towards some of the work (the rest of our grant will go on our boat shed), but the majority of the funding is coming from a Sport England grant and from the Sailing Club's own funds.

We should be able to carry on around the building work without too much disruption, but please be careful of it and remember we will get a better clubhouse at the end of it!