MKRC Medal Winners, British Rowing Masters Championships 2014 You may have noticed the formation of the algal blooms on the lake, which have been helped along by the recent hot and sunny weather. Please take the following precautions when using the lake:

  • Never drink water from the lake.
  • If contaminated water has been swallowed, refer to your doctor with full details of the incident.
  • Only drink water from your own water bottle.
  • Wash hands thoroughly and shower before eating and drinking.
  • Do not throw anyone into the water.
  • Cover cuts, abrasions and blisters with waterproof dressings.
  • Wear suitable footwear and do not wade in the lake.
  • Avoid immersion in, or contact with the water.
  • When on the water, do not splash the lake water onto your face or body in order to cool down – take a bottle of tap water for this. Similarly if your slide is sticking, do not splash lake water onto it; use tap water.
  • Wash all equipment thoroughly after use.
  • Minimise contact with the water by wearing close fitting clothing.

Please contact Liz if you have any questions. I will provide an update when the Environment Agency has completed their tests.