British Rowing image for Heel Restraints I would like to remind everyone of the importance of boat checks before each outing. The following should all be checked:

  • Hull and canvas – check for holes/damage
  • Bow ball – firmly attached
  • Fin and steering gear (if present) – straight and foot steering mechanism working (if present)
  • Riggers, gates and pins – firmly attached and functioning
  • Foot stretcher – firmly attached
  • Footplate – shoes properly attached and footplate straight on the stretcher
  • Quick release straps - functioning
  • Heel restraints – tied firmly to prevent heel rising no more than 7cm from the foot plate
  • Slides – clean and free of stones and grit
  • Seat – wheels correctly positioned in slides and moving easily
  • Bungs and buoyancy hatches – in place and tight

If you are helping with LTR, please make sure you go through boat checks with everyone; I found 2 heel restraints undone on rec 2x last week.

Each month, British Rowing issue a Safety Alert and this month they are focusing on heel restraints. Cherry informs me that at least 30 boats at the Bedford regatta last week failed this safety check, so please ensure that no MK boats fail checks at Nottingham this weekend.

If anyone has any questions on how to perform these checks, please speak to any of the Captains, Maintenance Team or me. Any issues with equipment should be noted on the board in our bay area and reported to Paula.

Liz Fryer