Many of you will have noticed that we have had yet another great new piece of equipment appear, a band new black Concept2 Model D erg!

The people we have to thank for this are Mike P, Rod, Cherry, Clare, Steve L and John S who all signed up to the Concept2 World Erg Challenge a month or so ago and who logged all the metres they did on their ergs that month. Out of the 357 clubs around the world that took part, we were one of two randomly drawn clubs that won an erg! Brilliant!

The erg has been squeezed in with the others for now - hopefully there's room to use them all at once! Once we get the boat shed built and the bay refurbished there'll be lots more room, and some more new ergs too.

It would be great if more people started using the Concept2 Online Logbook, which is what this challenge is based on, as there are lots of benefits, quite apart from winning ergs! I'll send a separate email about it.

Since I know you are all wondering, here is the leaderboard for those who took part:
1 Mike Povey - 108,011m
2 Rod Bennett - 53,477m
3 Cherry Kemp - 37,815m
4 Clare Lawson - 18,371m
5 Steve Lawson - 8,042m
6 John Smith - 7,000m

Thanks, and happy erging!