More good news! Hot on the heals of our new Cox Orb, the amazing Roger has secured us another grant for £1335 for some new oars! This one is thanks to the generosity of Walton Community Council, which is the parish council for our area of Milton Keynes.

The money has been spent on:

Two more sculls from Swift, which will be combined with some of our old 'rec oars' to make a new third quad set, Quad Set C. These are already in use and are meaning much less scrounging around for oars when put out four quads during our Learn to Row courses!
Four more sculls from Concept2, which will make a third double set. These will become our 'top' double set, aimed at senior racing double crews, but they will also be useful during Learn to Row and other sessions when we have a lot of sculling boats out, and will mean everyone can go out with a proper matched set of good quality oars rather than piecing together whatever odd sets they can find. These have been ordered and will be with us soon.

We now have a really good number of club oars that are enough for all our needs, but as this grant amount hopefully shows, they aren't cheap! Repairing existing oars also isn't cheap, so please take care of them, most importantly by placing them on the ground and not just dumping them so they get chunks taken out of blades and handles.

Also please remember the colour codes for the top bit of tape: red = squad/club captain's permission only, yellow = senior crews, green = LTR/Development, no tape = private oars - leave alone!