Just sending a piece from the HRSA Feb safety report with info about an incident in Ireland of the young girl very seriously injured by getting trapped under the boat by her long hair. So sad. A reminder for all of us with long hair to tie it back


Serious Incident in Limerick

There was an incident in Limerick, in the Republic of Ireland, which resulted in the capsize of a junior 4x+ containing four girls and one boy.

It was reported in newspaper articles that a 12 year old girl, with very long hair, was trapped in the capsized boat because her hair had become entangled in a rigger.

She was rescued by the crew of a launch from a Limerick Fire and Rescue Service that was patrolling in the area. The crew had to cut her hair in order to free her from the boat.

First aid was provided by the crew including the provision of CPR in the Rescue Boat. The remainder of the rowing crew was rescued by another boat.

She was taken to hospital and treated in Intensive Care. It is understood that she is showing some response to her favourite music. The latest news (as of 28/2/2019) is that she remains ina “very serious condition” in hospital and her family is maintaining a bedside vigil.

It is understood that the Irish Police and the Irish Marine Casualty Investigation Board are investigating this incident.

It is not prudent to provide safety advice until the results of these investigations are known. However, any rower with long hair may find it helpful to wear their hair in a “bun” or “top knot” as shown in the photo below. This style has the additional advantage of keeping the hair under control and out of the way so that it does not obstruct the rower’s vision.