From Saturday 6th June:
  • Caldecotte South and North Lakes and the Boat Compound are open for use by private boat owners and members who have been assigned a club boat for their exclusive use.
  • A booking system is available, with the purpose of allowing members to 'buddy up' and to restrict the number of members present to 6.
  • Booking a session requires prior confirmation that the latest version of the Procedure for rowing during the pandemic (1.6.2020) has been read and agreed to
  • Rowing is subject to the conditions and your ability to row safely, as there will be no launch on the water at any time. In the case of capsize, it is the responsibility of the rower to self-rescue.
  • The boathouse, clubhouse, changing rooms, training bay and toilets remain closed. There will be no club activities or organised training at this time.
  • Social distancing should be strictly observed, and there should be no congregation in groups of more than 6.
  • As there is no access to hand washing facilities, rowers must bring hand sanitiser/wipes to maintain good hand hygiene and reduce the risk of contamination via touch points