Corona Virus update

1st December Update: All change again! As Milton Keynes and surrounding areas move from Lockdown 2.0 to Tier 2 restrictions tomorrow, rowing related activities at MKRC will return to the level prior to Lockdown.

If you would like to resume rowing, could I ask you to please refresh your memory of the Covid related Procedures in place

Page 1-2 Summary of what is, and is not, permitted

Page 3 Equipment Cleaning

Page 4 Guidance for Launch Drivers

Page 5 Guidance for Coxes

And to fill in the Planner in the usual way.

Development members are welcome to join the 2nd session on Saturday and the Sunday session.

Please remember, no-one is under any obligation to row or cox in any boat they do not wish to. Karen had a good understanding of what people wanted to do over the summer, but if this has changed, just let her know.

It would be great to welcome back those who haven’t yet returned since the pandemic. There would be plenty of people to help with the cleaning procedures etc, but please do let me know if you have any concerns or questions and let Karen know which boats you’d like to row in.

Hope to see you at the club soon