Race Report

Two GOLD medals for the club at this year's British Rowing Masters' Championships

It's been another great weekend of racing for the club, with around 30 rowers and 12 crews competing, and two brilliant gold medal-winning crews.

Firstly, on Saturday, the indomitable Helen Marshall earning a well-deserved win in her single in a thrilling race, powering past most of the field in the last 250m.

Then today we had the Women's D 8+ with a really gutsy row, matching rivals York City next to them off the start and then slowly but surely pushing through them to win by a length. The women's 8 will be heading to Henley Masters in a month's time, and we're aiming for a gold there as well.

Here's a round-up of all our results. Full results are online here


  • WC 1x: Helen M, 2/4 in heat and 1/6 in final

  • WB 2x: Helen M & Jenny, 1/5 in heat, 4/6 in final :-(

  • C Nov 4x: Phil C, Pete, Steve B, Mike, 2/3 in straight final

  • D Nov 4x: Phil C, Pete, Steve B, Mike, 6/6 in straight final

  • D Nov 2x: Phil C & Steve B, 2/3 in straight final (though admittedly one of the opposition didn't start...)

  • E 1x: Steve L, 3/6 in heat but unfortunately not quite fast enough to make the final

  • E 2x: Rob & Steve L, 5/5 in heat


  • W D 8+, Heidi, Lou, Jayne, Cath, Helen S, Karen, Clare, Paula, cox: Chris, 1/3 in straight final

  • W D 4+, Karen, Kelly, Paula, Helen S, cox: Alice, 3/4 in straigth final

  • W C 4+, Heidi, Lou, Jayne, Cath, cox: Rob, 3/4 in heat and 5/6 in final

  • W IM3 C 4+, Marzena, Katharine, Lisa, Suzanne, cox: Alice, 2/2 in straight final
  • C 8+, Chris, Jake, Les, David, Steve B, Pete, Phil C, Steve L, cox: Karen, 4/4 in straight final
  • A 4+, Chris, Nick, Les, David, cox: Ian, 4/4 in straight final