Race Report

Here's a round up of the results from the prestigious Henley Masters Regatta this weekend. This year we had 4 crews entered:

E.2- Rod and Steve L

Had a close race in their quarter-final with a Dutch crew. They came from two lengths down at one point to lose by just three quarters of a length.

W.B.2x Helen and Jenny

Lost in their quarter final to Greenbank Falmouth RC by 2 lengths. On the plus side, they did get a photo with Matthew Pinsent!

D.4+ Heidi, Lou, Jayne, Paula, cox: Charlotte Watts

Gold! A straight final against Ardingly. A commanding row where they were in front right from the start, and pulled away quite a lot in the second half of the course to win by 4 lengths.

C.8+ Heid, Lou, Jayne, Cath, Helen S, Karen, Kelly, Paula, cox: Charlotte Watts

Another straight final, this time against the host club Upper Thames. We hoped their Empacher was all for show, but sadly it wasn't, and despite a gutsy row into a strong headwind our ladies lost by a couple of lengths.

Henley Masters has crews of a high standard from all over the world (including Australia!), so we should be really happy with those results and with the great two days of racing that everyone enjoyed.