Race Report

We had four crews racing on the Thames in London this weekend at Fours Head and Vet Fours Head. Here are their results, and you can also see the full Fours Head results and Vets Fours Head results online.

Fours Head

W.IM2.4+: Heidi, Lou, Jayne, Cath, cox (borrowed from another club): Jordan

22:31.8, 26/48 overall, 2/11 provincial clubs

2nd out of the provincial clubs is an outstanding result, and 26th out of everyone is pretty good too! Fours Head attracts the best crews from the entire country, and this result shows that our women's squad can be competitive in senior as well as masters racing. There is lots more work to do though.

W.IM2.4+: Jo, Alice, Emma, Charlie, cox: Chris

23:39.2, 44/48 overall, 8/11 provincial clubs

Not quite as fast as the other crew, but a really good time for a new crew with two rowers recently returned from several years off. Lots to build on for the future.

Vet Fours Head

W.MasD.4+: Karen, Paula, Helen S, Suzanne, cox: Chris

21:39.2, 2nd out of 5

A really good, consistent row, overtaking a C and a B crew in front of us and only being overtaken by the very strong York crew behind us. 2nd is an excellent result that they can be really proud of.

Mx.MasC.4-: Steve L, Clare, Cherry, Rod

21:17.4, 1st out of 1

This crew set Vet Fours Head as their goal, and they certainly achieved it. They had a good row and won their category (we'll ignore the fact that they were the only ones in it ;-)).