Race Report

Well done to everyone for a great day of racing at Star Head on Sunday, including two wins. We had 9 crews racing, including three eights and, in a first for the club, two coxed quads. We also had 9 of our Development Squad taking their first steps into the big world of racing. Full results below...

Division 4 (1.30pm)

Winners: W.MasC.4+: Heidi, Lou, Karen, Paula, (cox: Phil C)

7:57 (7:43 with handicap), 1/4. Back together after a leave of absence, and with a stroke that had spent 5 hours the day before beating a world record erg time, and they still utterly destroyed the opposition! Even more impressive as they are actually a D...

IM3.8+: Jake, Les, Callum, Marcus, Ian, David, Chao, Tim B, (cox: Chris)

7:04, 2/3. A good race that I think everyone was happy with. It showed us that we can race well, and that we have a lot of potential to race even better. The men's 8 will be getting out regularly from now on.

W.IM2.4+ (T/O): Jo, Alice, Cath, Clare, (cox: Steve L)

8:11, 1/2 but raced time only as a sub meant they were actually IM1. I haven't done the maths, but apparently they were the 4th fastest women's 4 out of 17, which sounds pretty good to me!

NOV.4x+: Nick, Leo, Richard, Becky, (cox: Liz)

9:58, 5/5. The adventure of finding your boat and an eventful race hopefully made this one you will remember! Don't worry about the placing as the other 4 entries were all school crews who will have done loads more rowing than you. This was all about getting some race experience, and having some fun at the same time.

A big thank you to Ais and Star Club for letting us borrow their boat, and to Liz for looking after both our coxed quad crews.

Division 5 (3pm)

Winners: MasE.2-: Marie, Rod, Steve L

7:55 (7:42 with handicap), 1/3. A second (?) win for Rod and Steve, which will hopefully spur you on! Just think how fast you could've been if Steve was fit...

W.IM2.8+: Heidi, Lou, Jo, Cath, Clare, Katharine, Karen, Paula, (cox: Alice)

7:29, 3/3. Probably not as fast as you were hoping for, but then I think your stroke was a bit knackered. The women's 8 will also be getting out more regularly from now on, so there will be lots of opportunity to improve.

NOV.2x: Phil C, Mike

9:40, 11/11. It would be fair to say these guys had some steering issues, which I'm sure will be fixed for next time so they can get in a good race.

W.NOV.4x+: Sara, Annabelle, Kate, Jen, (cox: Liz)

9:24, 7/8. Very similar to the men's coxed quad - but worth noting that you beat them by over 30 seconds! Again don't worry about the placing as almost all the other entries were school crews who will have done much more rowing than you - this was all about getting some experience and enjoying yourselves.

NOV.8+: Jake, Les, Leo, Jack, Will, Richard, Ian, Tim B, (cox: Chris)

7:22, 4/6. An outer shell of experience with an inner core of new rowers, the race was a big improvement on the practice outings, which just goes to show how quickly our Development Squad are improving. The senior men need to watch out...