Race Report

We had two fours racing today (plus a special bonus crew...), showing the MKRC green at Wallingford for the first time in a couple of years. It's a big race with a huge number of 4s and especially 8s taking part, and as both fours found out it can be quite an exciting course!

Winners: WMasC 4+, 1/3, 19:40.4
Heidi, Lou, Jayne, Cath, cox: Chris

We overtook our first crew round the first bend and a second near the end, and had a lot of exciting tussles with other crews in the middle that really helped push us on to a great time. We would also have been 3/5 in the IM2 4s and 5/11 in IM3 4s, which is impressive at such a high level event.

WMasD 4+, 2/3, 21:17.2 (though were time only due to a mistake with the entry)
Karen, Clare, Helen S, Suzanne, cox: Steve L

This crew also had some fun manoeuvres in their race, but they enjoyed it and they beat the other crew in the WMas4+ category, a MasB, without even needing their handicap - so definitely a good row!

Bonus crew: Winners: WIM3.8+, 1/16, 17:12.6
7 girls from the University of Birmingham, plus last minute super-sub Jo Heywood. 20 minutes before boating some young ladies came round desperately seeking a replacement for a sick rower. Naturally Jo was only too keen to help...