Race Report

18 crews, 4 wins, 14 pots/medals - well done everyone that's a great result!

All our results are below. Note that all the masters times have had handicaps deducted so not all the times are directly comparable - they haven't published the raw times unfortunately.

Our next race is Peterborough Head a week on Saturday. The crews for this will be sent out by your captains very soon. It will be followed on the Sunday by a training day for the tideway 8s head crews and any other crews that want to get in some really focussed water sessions to help improve their rowing.

Winners: W.Nov.4+, 1/3, 8:18.5
Annabelle, Carolyn, Jen, Becky, cox: Chris
These girls were in an unfamiliar boat on an unfamiliar stretch of water, but they kept calm and rowed well together all the way up the course. A really impressive effort given how new they are to rowing. Keep it up!

Winners: W.MasC/D/E.2x, 1/3, 7:09.4
Jenny, Helen
Apparently they didn't think it was their best row... but they still smashed the opposition!

Winners: W.MasB/C/E.4+, 1/3, 6:55.0
Karen, Paula, Helen S, Clare, cox: Ian
A last minute substitution wasn't enough to stop another win for our amazing masters women.

Winners: MasC/E.2-, 1/2, 6:37.7
Rod, Steve L
Definitely a deserving win given the amount of training you guys do, although given your opposition I would've been a bit worried if you'd lost ;-)

W.IM2.8+, time only, 6:39.0
Heidi, Jayne, Jo, Cath, Helen S, Kate, Karen, Paula, cox: Alice
No competition but it's still vital to get the ladies 8 out racing and thinking ahead to WEHORR. You also beat one of the men's 8s...

Mx.MasC/E/F.2x, 2/5, 7:07.7
Cherry, Rod
Second out of five is awesome. Hopefully once Cherry is fighting fit again you will keep improving and make it 1/5 next time.

IM3.8+, 4/6, 6:39.7
Jake, Les, Pete, Marcus, Nick, Mike, Chao, Phil C, cox: Steve L
Not your best race, but you definitely learnt the lessons and improved massively for the next race and for the training day.

W.Nov.2x, 5/6, 9:29.4
Jen, Becky
Doing a head race in a double - there are plenty of seniors who haven't done that, and you guys have done it within 6 months of learning to row!

Mx.MasC/E/F.2x, 5/5, 9:46.6
Roger, Liz
Maybe not as fast as you were hoping, but I hope you enjoyed the event and will be back for more.

W.IM2.1x, 2/2, 7:42.2
Helen M
Racing in a senior category was always going to be tough, but you were only 9 seconds off. With a handicap I'm guessing you'd have won hands down!

W.IM3.4x-, 2/3, 8:03.5
Charlie, Jayne, Cath, Lindy
Demonstrating the best of Milton Keynes spirit - two substitutions wasn't going to put you off having a race :-)

Mx.MasD.4x-, 2/3, 6:35.3
Rod, Cherry, Clare, Steve L
Only 6 seconds off a win, and 4 seconds ahead of two of our 8s! Keep up the training and you guys will be a really good crew.

W.Nov.4x+, 2/3, 8:32.4
Sara, Kate, Liz, Amanda, cox: Ian
A great opportunity for Amanda and Sara to experience racing, and for Kate, Liz and Ian to try something a bit different. Hope you enjoyed it!

MasC/E.2-, 2/2, 8:26.9
Cherry, Rod
Bit of a tough draw really... It would be interesting to see the raw times to see how much faster you are than your double!

W.MasB/C/E.4+, 2/3, 7:16.0
Jo, Cath, Heidi, Jayne, cox: Jenny
Pipped to the pots by our other 4+. Hopefully you had a good row though.

IM3.1x, 2/3, 7:39.0
Tim G
Our beloved ex-captain shows he can still put in a good race when he fancies it ;-)

W.Nov.2x, 4/6, 8:46.4
Carolyn, Annabelle
Same as for Jen and Becky - it's really impressive to see you guys racing in a fine double. I know all of you have a lot more potential to come.

IM3.8+, 3/6, 6:17.8
Jake, Les, Callum, Marcus, Nick, Jack, Leo, David, cox: Chris
22 seconds faster than the first 8 - pretty impressive! And just as importantly you all felt like it was a much better row too. Make sure you keep building on it in your next training sessions and races.

That's all the results... well done if you got this far!