Photo of Peterborough Cathedral framed by MKRC boats After 4 wins out of about 18 at Northampton you wouldn't have thought we could do much better, but we have! 7 crews entered and 3 wins - an awesome success rate. It was also an absolutely glorious day - it's not every day you race in skins in February!

The full results are below, but before I go into them I need to say two thank you's:
Firstly, thank you to Rob for towing our trailer on Saturday and to Karen for towing it back on Sunday - we are all very grateful and couldn't race without you!
Secondly, thank you to everyone who came to the Training Day today and put in all that effort. I think everyone who went benefitted hugely, and hopefully enjoyed it too.

Race Results

Winners: W.MasC.2x, 1/5, 11:31 (11:51 without handicap)
Jenny, Helen M

Technically this was joint first as someone else got exactly the same time, but it was still very well deserved and another feather in this amazing double's caps.

Winner: MasE.1x, 1/5, 11:20 (12:15 without handicap)
Steve L

Steve had quite a few opponents from a variety of age categories - but that just gave him more people to beat ;-) Before handicaps he was over a minute faster than the next fastest masters sculler.

Winners: W.MasE.4+, 1/4, 11:25 (12:20 without handicap)
Karen, Paula, Helen S, Suzanne, cox: Chris

Up against some old foes (not least another MK crew), we really made the most of our position, overtaking two other crews during the race. Not as good a row as Northampton they said... but it was just as effective!

W.MasC.2x, 5/5, 15:52 (16:12 without handicap)
Lisa, Liz

After the disappointment of Northampton it was nice for this crew to get their first race under their belts. Judging by Liz's expression she certainly seems to be enjoying it ;-)

W.MasC.4+, 2/4, 11:42 (12:02 without handicap)
Heidi, Lou, Jayne, Cath, cox: Jenny

Faster than our other ladies' masters 4, but not quite fast enough to make up the handicap. You're definitely capable of going much faster though - you just need to find it!

W.Nov 4x, 2/2, 13:54
Carolyn, Jen, Becky, Liz

Spurred on by their win at Northampton, our Development scullers were back for more. Coxless this time and guided by Liz they were always going to find it tough against a school crew, but they got a good time and hopefully enjoyed it.

IM3.8+, 4/6, 18:23
Jake, Tim G, Callum, Les, Shaun, Marcus, Lee, David, cox: Steve L

A good race by the sound of it - it's great to see the men's squad getting out in the 8 regularly and improving every time they do. By the time HORR comes around you should be flying!

W.IM2.8+, 3/3, 19:57.6
Karen, Lou, Jo, Jayne, Heidi, Kate, Helen S, Clare, cox: Chris

3/3 in IM2, but 2/5 if they had been Masters, and that's after most of them had already done one race! Still lots to do before WEHORR, but still a really good performance.

For those who are interested, full results are also online here