MKRC WEHORR 2017 crew This was our 8th consecutive year racing at WEHORR and we were blessed with some of the best conditions I've ever seen on the tideway - no wind and so warm everyone was in skins! The only downside was we didn't get a chance to show off our famous MKRC bobble hats!

W.IM2.8+, 20:49.8, 105/321, 4/20 in our Provincial Club Medium category
Heidi, Lou, Alice, Jayne, Helen S, Cath, Karen, Paula, cox: Chris

The ladies had a good row, they responded to every call I made, and brilliantly handled some tricky overtaking going under Hammersmith. I know they'll be disappointed not to break the top 100, but we were 4/20 in our category (or we would have been if we'd remembered to tick the right box on the entry form), we beat City of Sheffield who we had lost to at Head of the Trent, and we trounced our local opposition from Northampton, St. Neots and Peterborough, proving once again that we have the strongest women's squad for miles around! On top of this, this is actually a Masters C crew - in two weeks time at Vets Head we'll build on this and bring home an even better result.