MKRC Women's Novice 2x- Lots of boats racing, lots of rowers rowing, a couple of wins, plenty of sunshine and the odd ice cream or two - this may have been a head race but it's also a taste of the regattas to come this summer!

Thanks very much to everyone who came down early to rig boats this evening. If we can be that organised and helpful to each other after every race we'll all gain a lot of extra training time on the water.

Thank you as always to Rob for the photos and for towing, and to Alice, Jake and Cath for getting our crews entered and organised.

Winners: W.MasA/B/C.2x, 1/5, 7:46 (8:00 without handicap)
Jenny, Helen M

Even without their handicap Helen and Jenny were 24 seconds ahead of the next fastest crew, proving once again just how awesome they are. And also of course what a consistent commitment to circuits and fitness training over winter, and to training together regularly can achieve.

Winners: W.MasD/E.2-, 1/2, 8:45 (8:59 without handicap)
Paula, Karen

Again another crew that didn't even need their handicap, and again showing what being fit and rowing together a lot (even if it isn't always in a pair) can do.

INT.4+ (Band 2), 2/5, 7:29
Callum, Marcus, Shaun, David, cox: Cherry

A close second place - one of several for the men today! Hopefully a sign of many more successful races to come for the men's squad.

W.INT.4+ (Band 1), 6/7, 8:16
Jo, Lou, Heidi, Suzanne, cox: Chris

Maybe not the crew's best race, but a good result for a new combination - if they'd been entered in the Masters C event they would have been right in the mix.

INT.2-, 2/2, 7:52
Tim G, Benn

Our two past captains proved they can still put in a good row - only three seconds off the other crew who were, apparently, much bigger than they were!

INT.4+ (Band 2), 4/5, 7:57
Marcus, Shaun, Richard, David, cox: Ian

A quick re-rig and change of crew order and the men were off again. Slower than the first race, but then most of the crew were doing two races back to back!

Mas.F/G.4x, 3/3, 8:23 (8:39 without handicap)
Roger, Peter R, Mike P, Liz

The first time I can remember us putting out a Masters G crew, and it was great to see! With many of the crew having either not raced before or not raced for ages, it was quite a respectable time too.

W.MasD.4+ (Band 1), 4/5, 8:20
Karen, Lou, Paula, Suzanne, cox: Chris

This was a good race, and although I know they'll be a little disappointed with the placing they were only 1 second behind 2nd place, so it was very close!

W.MasA/B/C.2x, 5/5, 10:02 (10:16 without handicap)
Lisa, Liz

Perhaps a little more practice needed before they can match Helen and Jenny, but it's great to have another women's double racing regularly for the club.

INT.4-, 2/4, 7:02
Tim G, Benn, Chris, Kevin

None of us may row as much as we used to, but we still had a good race and enjoyed it! It was also the 8th fastest time of the day out of 349 boats...

W.Nov.4x+, 7/7, 9:33
Carolyn, Kate, Jen, Becky, cox: Cath

These ladies gave Lark its first race in its new guise as a coxed quad, and they looked pretty good! 7th, but only by a few seconds, and they'd have done even better if everyone had fully tightened their feet before racing ;-)

INT.2x (Band 2), 2/4, 7:20
Callum, Kevin

Yet another second place for the men, and another close one - only 3 seconds off first. Not bad for their first outing in several months.

Nov.4x+, 6/6, 9:18
Sara, Peter, Will, Mike P, cox: Cath

A second race for Lark, and this crew very kindly ironed out its teething troubles by proving that we hadn't tightened the bottom nuts on the gates properly. With a bit of help from Andy at Bedford they fixed that though and managed a good race.

W.Nov.2x, 8/8, 9:58
Jen, Becky

No-one has ever told Becky and Jen that racing a double through Bedford is actually quite tricky... so they just went ahead and did it! A lesson for some of our senior rowers who are afraid of small boats perhaps!