MKRC Women's Masters C 2x- Well done to everyone who raced at Nottingham this weekend! Several close second places plus one win from the women's masters 8 and a psuedo-win courtesy of Steve and the RAF.

We have videos of most of the races; they are now on Hudl, along with the ones from LTR/training on Monday. Please take a look so you can see how your technique holds up when you're in a race!

Nottingham Masters & Club Regatta (Sunday, 1km)

Winners: W.MasC.8+, 1/4, 4:08.35
Heidi, Lou, Jayne, Cath, Jo, Clare, Helen S, Suzanne, cox: Chris

We were the last club crew to race and no-one had quite managed a win yet, but the ladies did us proud - quickly pulling out ahead off the start and increasing their lead throughout the race to win by well over a length. Classy.

Mx.MasD.4x, 4/6, 4:05.96
Rod, Cherry, Clare, Steve L

A fast time and a close race with the middle 4 finishers all finishing within a length of each other. Very promising for British Masters in a few weeks time.

MasG.4x, 2/2, 5:09.03
Roger, Mike P, Peter R, Liz

A second race for this crew after Bedford, and the conditions couldn't have been more different! Hopefully Peter enjoyed his first regatta race and is eager for more.

IM3.4+, 3/5, 4:10.38
James, Marcus, Shaun, David, cox: Callum

Great to see a senior men's 4 out racing. It's a promising result that bodes well for the rest of the summer if some of these guys can keep rowing together.

W.MasE.4+, 2/5, 4:48.89
Karen, Paula, Helen S, Suzanne, cox: Cherry

Well ahead of the rest of the field and within touch of first place, this has the potential to be a very fast Masters E crew.

MasD.4+, 4/4, 4:49.10
Phil C, Mike P, Ian, Tim B, cox: Chris

Not quite as tidy as the crew might have liked, but still pretty good given that they hadn't rowed together before!

W.MasC.4+, 2/2, 4:29.50
Heidi, Lou, Jayne, Cath, cox: Alice

Shorter, less choppy, and much closer than Saturday, the ladies had a good race and lost by about a length. Good progress and lots of improvements still to come.

W.MasC.2x, 2/4, 4:24.92
Jenny, Helen M

This was the closest race I've ever seen at Nottingham! Helen and Jenny were "bow ball to bow ball" with a crew from Xpress for the last 250m, eventually missing out by just 0.06 seconds. They will be out to beat them next time.

Mx.MasC.2x, 2/3, 4:38.29
Cherry, Rod

Almost as close as Jenny and Helen, Cherry and Rod lost out by just 0.12 seconds. A really good race and it just goes to show, every single stroke counts!

W.MasE.2-, 3/4, 5:19.74
Paula, Karen

A lack of water time since some rigging changes and the tricky conditions led to a challenging race for our world champions.

MasE.2-, 2/4, 4:41.63
Rod, Steve L

These guys had a real tussle for second place, and thanks to a good final push they came out on top.

IM3.1x, 3/3, 4:32.26

A good race from Callum, proving despite all that time spent sweeping he is still not a bad sculler...

IM2.1x, 3/3, 5:16.74
John S

Apparently John was leading for quite a bit before fading in the second half. As he admitted himself, his fitness might need a little work...

Mas.Nov.1x, 4/4, 6:09.10

Ian was our first race on the course and the first to experience the conditions. We'd probably have called the start line "not rowable" for most singles on our lake, so I think he was very happy to finish the right way up! Hopefully he has taken away lots to work on for next time.

Bonus Winner: MasD.4+, 1/4, 4:23.03
Steve Lawson and his RAF buddies

Maybe the MKRC MasD 4+ didn't win, but we had a representative in this winning RAF/MK crew!

Nottingham City Regatta (Saturday, 2km)

W.IM2.4+, 5/6 in heat, 9:55.6
Heidi, Lou, Jayne, Cath, cox: Chris

It was pretty bumpy on Saturday but we did our best and the crew learnt a lot! After this the rest of the summer races will feel easy ;-)