MKRC Women's Masters C 2x- Helen and Jenny were in action again last weekend at Twickenham Regatta, which is held on the Thames in London. It's a 2-lane race and at 1.25km is longer than what most masters rowers are used to!

W.MasC/D.2x, lost by 3/4 length in semi-final
Jenny, Helen M

However, the result doesn't quite reflect the story of the race - as Helen puts it

We were winning this race until the umpire stopped it, due to a capsize (a single sculler), it was pretty windy. We had completed more than 3/4 of the race distance and had clear waters between us and the other crew. The umpire made a verdict that we had won the race and then was influenced by the other crew who wanted a re-race.

The problem is when you have a crew who think they are going to get an easy heat they take their foot off the pedal at the start and you take them by surprise, which is exactly what we did. Unfortunately this tactic only works once and they knew exactly what we were going to do. In hind sight I should have made a stand to restart the race where the umpire stopped us and begin us with the advantage that we had gained.

It would be useful for other crews to be aware of this. It won't happen to us again that's for sure, but it really was annoying and won't happen again!!!