MKRC Women's Masters C4+ winning crew We had quite the weekend up in Nottingham, with medals and high winds in equal measure!

Silver Medal: WMasC.1x: Helen M. 2/6 in straight final, 5:12.46.
The wind was already picking up by the time Helen raced, and some competitors had scratched, leaving her with just a straight final, but a straight final that included the best female scullers in her age category in the UK! Headwinds don't favour lighter rowers, but obviously no-one had told Helen that as she powered into it to secure a brilliant second place and silver medal.

Silver Medal: WMasC.2x: Jenny, Helen M. 3/5 in heat and 2/6 in final, 4:33.48
Up against it again with the high winds, the toughest heat, and not the best racing lane, Helen and Jenny surprised even themselves - after only just getting through the heat they smashed their previous time to come second in the final and win a well-deserved silver.

MasDEF.4+: Phil C, Pete C, Mike P, Callum, cox: Chris. 2/6, 4:17.38.
This was a new type of "seeded" event using the new PRI system, which seems to have worked pretty well as it gave us a pretty close 6-lane race with an exciting battle for 2nd/3rd that saw us behind at halfway but a length ahead by the end. Most importantly, despite being a pretty scratch crew, the guys had a really good row! Hopefully we'll see you guys racing more over the rest of the summer.

Bronze Medal: WMasC.4+: Heidi, Lou, Jayne, Cath, cox: Chris. 2/6 in heat and 3/6 in final, 4:46.52.
The heat was incredibly close with just 0.6 seconds between the top 3 boats (the best demonstration of the crazy conditions is that in the final, 24 seconds separated the same three boats!!). The final had a free start - much safer, though it did lead to some questionable starting positions. The ladies handled the conditions brilliantly during the race and ended it slightly wet but with a lovely bronze medal to show for it.

WMasC.8+: Heidi, Lou, Jo, Clare, Helen S, Kate, Jayne, Cath, cox: Chris. 3/6 in heat, 4:49.99, final cancelled.
This was simultaneously the scariest and most hilarious race I've ever been in - a coastal boat would have been far more appropriate! It was a free start again, and we didn't have a great one but we did get the boat moving (eventually!), survived the middle part of the course, and at the end when waves were slightly more manageable we had a good finish. Who knows what would have happened in the final...

MasD.4+: Steve L and his RAF buddies. 2/5 in heat, 4:53.79, final cancelled.
All I saw of this race was Steve's crew calmly sitting on the stakeboat for about 10 minutes while their competition all repeatedly tried to attach and then came loose again. When they eventually did start one boat went off more sideways than forwards! In the end they were a very close second - again we'll never know what would have happened in the final.

WMasDEF.1x: Trish
WMasE.4+: Karen, Paula, Helen S, Suzanne
MasA.4+: James, Marcus, Callum, David

Sadly didn't get to race due to the high winds. Next time though!