Tim and Benn, Open 2- at Bedford We're barely a week into the new season and already Milton Keynes are winning again! Well done to everyone who raced today for some great results.

Winners: W MasE 4+: Karen, Paula, Helen S, Suzanne, cox: Cherry, 1/5, 7:59 (8:12 before handicap adjustment)

A new cox, a new river, but the same great row and the same great result for our Team of the Year!

Winner: Op MasE 1x: Steve L, 1/4, 8:09 (8:21 before handicap adjustment)

Steve was looking good as he added to his already impressive haul of single scull trophies.

Mx MasC 2x: Cherry, Rod, 2/2, 8:07

Rod and Cherry are racing at Pairs Head next weekend, so this was good practice for that. They were just 4 seconds behind their competition, although admittedly before handicaps were applied.

Op 4+ (Band 1): Benn, Tim G, Marcus, Callum, cox: Steve L, 5/5, 7:31

A good effort... but not quite good enough to beat the other MK 4's! They were in the first division before the tail wind arrived, but even so, it's great to see all the men's 4s all of such a similar and very promising standard.

Op 2-: Tim G, Benn, 3/4, 7:55

They hadn't even re-rigged their pair since Bled, but gave it a go anyway and had a good row.

Mx MasD 4x: Rod, Cherry, Clare, Steve L, 2/2, 7:35

These guys had a very good row and were just 3 seconds slower than their competition! There is a video of them on Hudl.

Op 4+ (Band 2): John S, Shaun, Charlie, Aidan, cox: Chris, 3/7, 7:27

This was Charlie and Aidan's first head race, and they smashed it! Really consistent and strong all the way through, and there's definitely a lot more to come from these guys! There is a slightly blurry and shaky video of them on Hudl.

Op 4+ (Band 2): Callum, Lee, John S, Leo, cox: Chris, 2/7, 7:26

Even better (just!) than the crew in the previous division despite having an almost completely different crew - that shows the depth of the men's squad this year.

Op 1x (Band 2): Shaun, 4/4, 9:04

The first time Shaun has raced more than 500m, and despite an extremely close shaved with a bridge he had a good race. If he keeps up the single and gains some confidence he will get a lot faster.

Op MasA 1x: Ian, 2/2, 10:29

A bit of a change of scenery from Lake Bled, but Ian really enjoyed being back in Bedford.