Charlie and Aiden, Men's 4+ at Huntingdon There was a journey into new pastures on Sunday for MKRC, with 7 crews traveling to Huntingdon for the 4km Huntingdon Head. It was a new course for everyone and a tricky one, but we nevertheless came away with 2 wins, many 2nd places, and really excellent races from everyone.

Winners: W MasE 4+: Helen S, Paula, Karen, Suzanne, cox: Chris, 1/2, 16:05 (17:17 before handicap adjustment)
Our experienced ladies E4+ will be racing at Vets Fours Head in two weeks time, so this race was all about getting back into longer head races. It was also about mixing things up, with Helen now stroking instead of Karen. The ladies definitely found it a long, tough, course, but they had a really solid row and as usual trounced their opposition by about 3 minutes.

Winners: Op 2-: Tim G, Benn, 1/3, 16:54
Tim and Benn's last two outings together were Bedford Head and World Masters, but they proved that even without practice they can put in a great race. There was one 'minor' course correction but they still had a solid row and easily beat both the other crews in their category.

Op 4+: Tim G, Benn, Rich, Callum, cox: Ian, 4/4, 17:02
The first men's 4 off started well, but unfortunately didn't quite get manage to get round the tightest bend on the course (the and lost a lot of time recovering. On a straighter course the two men's fours would have had a good battle.

Op 4+: John S, Shaun, Charlie, Aidan, cox: Chris, 2/4, 15:31
Our second men's 4 had a great, consistent race, showing that all the circuits and land training is working! They had a good rhythm all the way through, and with some more technique work over winter we will have a men's squad that is truly be a force to be reckoned with.

W 2x: Heidi, Cath, 2/4, 18:52
Despite Heidi's obvious confusion at the excessive number of oars, these ladies rowed well, finished upright, didn't hit anything, and were generally very pleased with themselves! Perhaps there is more sculling in their future...

Op MasA 1x: Ian, 2/2, 21:07
Top marks to Ian for being the only person in the club man enough to take on the course in a single! He used his experience of coxing the course with the men's 4 earlier to steer well down the course and have a good race.

Op 2x: Callum, John S, 2/3, 16:20
Callum and John weren't going to let Tim and Benn be the only ones doubling up, so John 'volunteered' to do two races in consecutive divisions so they could race their double. Luckily they've been putting in the effort in their own circuits sessions so had the fitness (just) to do it, finishing with a good time.