Autumn on the Embankment at Bedford It was a cold, sunny day on the river in Bedford today and we had a lot of great racing, including from several of our newest members. We came away with two wins, one from our dominant women's masters squad and another for our up and coming senior men's squad.

Race Results

Winners: WMasD 4+: Karen, Jayne, Helen S, Paula, cox: Ian, 1/4, 7:46 (8:12 before handicap adjustment)
Smashing the only non-MK crew from Star by about 30 seconds, and beating the other MK crews on handicap, this crew (and the other three) proved once again just how good our ladies masters squad is.

Winners: Op 2x: Callum, John S, 1/5, 7:32
The guys were justifiably really pleased with this result. They had a lot of competition in their category but saw them all off. All those ergs, circuits and training are paying off!

Op 4+: John S, Shaun, Charlie, Aidan, cox: Mike A, 2/8, 7:12
A third race outing for this crew, and they really showed how much they have come on together and as individual rowers. Since their last race on exactly the same course 6 weeks ago they have got 15 seconds faster! Keep up the great work guys.

WMasB 4+: Jo, Cath, Alice, Paula, cox: Chris, 3/4, 8:04 (8:04 before handicap adjustment)
The fastest ladies 4 of the day before handicap adjustment, this was one of the smoothest 4s races I've coxed in ages so the ladies should be really pleased with how they rowed.

WMasC 4+: Karen, Jayne, Helen S, Suzanne, cox: Ian, 2/4, 7:59 (8:10 before handicap adjustment)
Since this crew had actually become a D after a substitution, they can claim a moral victory! This was the second race of the day so to get a very similar a time to their first race shows that all that land training does work!

Op 1x (Band 2): Callum, 3/8, 8:09
Callum decided to lead from the front in his single, and he put on a really confident row to come third in the category - a great result.

Op 1x (Band 2): Shaun, 6/8, 8:43
Jumping straight out of his four into the single made this a tough race for Shaun, but it was a good row and he's showing more confidence in the boat with every passing race.

Op 1x (Band 2): Ian, 7/8, 10:30
In between his coxing escapades with the ladies, Ian was on the water in his single. Having raced at places like Bled and Huntingdon, Ian is now one of our most experienced single scullers. A bit more confidence to get a longer stroke at the catch and to get a higher rate will really help him improve his boat speed.

Op 4+: Matyas, James, Rich, Owen, cox: Callum, 4/8, 7:24
Second fastest of the men's 4s, there were some powerful rowers in this crew. If they keep up the training they will keep improving and make the men's squad a real force to be reckoned with.

W 4+: Jo, Cath, Alice, Suzanne, cox: Chris, 4/4, 8:12
Racing in the open category gave this crew some tougher competition, but actually although they were 4th, all of the crews finished within 6 seconds of each other so they should be very happy with that!

Mx 2x: Cherry, Rod, 2/2, 8:14
Back racing after sadly missing out on Pairs Head, it was great to see Rod and Cherry out on the water again and enjoying racing. And this was in between umpiring shifts!

Op 4+: Alex, Leo, Tim B, Aidan, cox: Chris, 8/8, 8:03
A slightly more mixed men's 4, but nevertheless they still had a good row. There is lots to keep working on (fitness being one thing as always ;-)), but just by being there they are showing the huge depth and potential the men's squad has at the moment.

Op 4+: Les, Paul, Marcus, Lee, cox: Callum, 5/8, 7:28
The final four to race and third fastest, they got a good time and were right up there with the others (and that was despite a crab!). It will be great to see the men's squad continue to improve with rowers like these.

W 8+: Karen, Paula, Jo, Jayne, Lisa, Jodie, Helen S, Jen, cox: Chris, joint 2nd/3, 7:31
The third race of the day for some of this crew, and the first ever 'proper' race for Jodie. It was also the first race in the 8 for Jen and the first sweep race in ages for Lisa. Given all that you might have expected an iffy row... but not a bit of it! They were solid and consistent all the way down with a great rhythm. It was tough but everyone enjoyed it and there was an impressive time at the end of it as well.

Onwards... to Wallingford!



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