Ladies' 8+ at Wallingford Well done to the ladies who raced at Wallingford today. We had a fantastic race with a really consistent and strong rhythm all the way through. Wallingford is a high level event and we were banded a bit highly, so to hold our own against those crews and chase City of Oxford all the way to the finish is really impressive.

What's also important is to see this as the start of our preparation for WEHORR & Vets Head. Today was not the fastest women's 8 we could have put out, but we could easily have raced the tideway course and got a respectable time. With more training and the full squad available, we will be looking to do really well in March.

W 8+ (Band 2/4): Karen, Paula, Alice, Jayne, Clare, Kate, Katharine, Jen, cox: Chris. 6/6, 18:52



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