Encouragment for MKRC Ladies from the GB Team This year BRIC was bigger and better than ever... even the legendary Bradley Wiggins gave it a go!

Of course we had plenty of black and green getting in on the action too, with 18 club members in action in the 2km, 500m or relay events. This event is getting bigger every year with more and more competition, not just from other rowing clubs but also from indoor rower/gym teams from all over the country! As well as a great experience in an atmosphere that you just can't get at any other rowing event, we also came away with three medals thanks to the amazing efforts of Chris Hearn and Helen Marshall.

Masters 30-39 Lightweight Men: Chris H, Silver 2/10, 6:43.4
U23 Men: Shaun, 4/9, 6:30.1
Masters 40-49 Lightweight Women: Helen M, 5/8, 7:53.4
U23 Lightweight Men: Matyas, 7/7, 7:08.6

Masters 30-39 Lightweight Men: Chris H, Silver 2/3, 1:29.7
Masters 40-49 Lightweight Women: Helen M, Bronze 3/7, 1:46.1
U23 Men: Shaun, 7/11, 1:25.7

4km Relay
Men: MKRC Colossus (Callum, Charlie, Chris H, John S), 12/18, 12:12.0
Men: MKRC Enigma (Chao, Chris, Lee, Matyas), 14/18, 12:34.3
Women: MKRC Ultra (Alice, Jen P, Jenny S, Jo), 12/20, 14:23.9 (Jenny subbing for Paula, plus Jen swapped with Kate at the last minute due to some satnav issues...)
Women: MKRC Cypher (Cath, Jess, Kate, Lisa), 13/20, 14:29.8