John taking a swim at Northampton What a great day of racing we had yesterday! It was wet, it was nippy, but that didn't put anyone off. We had 8 wins out of 20 crews, which is probably our best ever result, and we were second in the Victor Ludorum! Well done to absolutely everyone for their efforts on and off the water. Now is the time to move on from that with our heads held high and keep the training up so that when the big head races come we'll be right up there.

Race Results

Winners: Op 4+ (Band 1): John S, Shaun, Charlie, Aidan, Cox Becky, 1/2, 6:20.7 A huge improvement since this crew first raced together at Bedford 4 months ago, and they absolutely deserve it because they have put in the training on and off the water. Ergs and water time win races!

Winners: WMasC/E 4+ (E): Karen, Jayne, Helen S, Suzanne, Cox Steve B, 1/2, 7:20.4
Not quite as rhythmic as they were hoping, but still a good solid row, and a win!

Winners: Op 2x (Band 2): Callum, John S, 1/3, 6:42.0
John crazily decided to let Callum steer, but it seemed to pay off.

Winners: Op 4+ (Band 2): Rich, Leo, Alex, Lee, Cox Chris, 1/2, 7:06.9
These guys haven't had as much practice together as the other men's 4s, but it was still a big improvement on a similar crew from Bedford. Stick at the training and you guys will get faster too.

Winners: Op 1x (Band 4): John S, 1/4, 7:23.0
The story of the day: John capsized while pushing off the pontoon (the fault of the person pushing him out apparently...), went and dried off, got changed, then got back in, raced and won!

Winner: MasE 1x: Steve L, 1/4, 7:33.1
Steve once again proved that there isn't a Masters sculler to match him in the region with another stonking win.

Fastest time of the day: Op 8+ (Band 1) T/O: John S, Callum, Charlie, Shaun, Rich, Paul, Marcus, Aidan, Cox Becky, 1/1, 5:47.7
A brilliant time, and what's more is these guys know they can get faster! Bring on tideway.

Winners: W 8+: Karen, Jayne, Katharine, Kate, Clare, Suzanne, Helen S, Jen, Cox Chris, 1/2, 6:55.2
A really solid row from our WEHORR/Vets Head 8 (with a sub or two), and a great start to our build up to those races.

Winners: MasE 2-: Rod, Steve L, 1/2, 7:17.9
Not content with a win in his single, Steve did it again this time aided and abetted by Rod. Hopefully our best masters pair can get over their illnesses and injuries and build themselves back up to another successful Masters Champs and Henley Masters.

Op 1x (Band 2): Callum, 2/2, 7:15.6
Apart from getting very cold, sounds like you had a great race, all the more impressive for being the first of 4!

W 4+: Lisa, Jodie, Lizzie, Jen, Cox Chris, 2/2, 8:11.5
A first proper race for Lizzie, and a great experience builder for the whole crew. We had a really consistent race and we know how we can get faster for next time.

MxMasD/E 4x (D): Rod, Cherry, Clare, Steve L, 3/3, 6:43.9
A good fast row, but still not quite a win for our mixed masters quad. Once you're all back to full fitness hopefully we'll start to see your great potential being realised.

WMasE 1x: Liz F, 2/2, 10:15.1
Liz's first race in her single and she really enjoyed it. She said she just needed a little voice in her ear to keep remind her all the things she knew she needed to be doing but was too busy racing to remember about!

Op 1x (Band 4): Mike A, 2/4, 9:00.8
Mike was really happy with his race and is keen to keep up single sculling and keep improving. A special thank you to Mike for turning back when he was almost at Northampton to bail us out when we forgot to bring enough trestles!

WMasC/E 4+ (C): Katharine, Kate, Clare, Suzanne, Cox Steve B, 2/2, 7:59.6
Not quite as fast as the other 4, but I hear it was still a good row and if the women's masters squad can put out two fours as good as this then it bodes really well for our summer regattas once again.

MasE/F 4x (F): Roger, Peter R, Malcolm, Mike P, 2/2, 8:03.6
Expertly steered by Mike our (mostly) recreational rowers really enjoyed their race. Hopefully we'll see them racing regularly. Maybe they'll even bring along some of their legendary cake ;-)

Op 2- (Band 1) T/O: Charlie, Shaun, NTT (no time taken)
Apart from a minor tussle with some reeds I'm sure these guys will have had a great race... unfortunately they were so blindingly fast that Northampton didn't manage to record a time for them :-(

Op 4+ (Band 1): Callum, Les, Paul, Marcus, Cox Becky, 2/2, 6:29.9
Up against some tough competition (one of our other men's 4s!) these guys should nevertheless be really pleased with their row. The men's squad has some fast crews now, and being second fastest is still really promising for future races.

MxMasC/E/F 2x (C): Cherry, Rod, 2/4, 7:24.7
A good row, but Cherry and Rod keep just losing out to the same crews! Keep improving and one day you will get there.

Op 4+ (Band 2): Phil C, Pete C, Mike P, Chao, Cox Steve B, 2/2, 7:47.2
Great to see a MKRC Men's Masters 4+ racing again. It sounded like apart from a minor collision you had a really good race, so please let's keep it up and aim for Masters Champs!