Following on from our great results at Northampton, yesterday we went to the bigger and longer Peterborough Head, and came away with another great set of results! All of the wins were very well deserved and are a reflection of all the hard work everyone has been putting in during training, something which everyone who went to the training day kept up with some more good long sessions.

Race Results

Winners: W.MasC.2x: Jenny, Helen M, 1/3, 11:58.5 (12:18.5 without handicap)
Helen and Jenny won very convincingly without even needing their handicap. They've missed out on some training sessions over winter with a bit of illness, but all of their previous training together still shines through, and with some good long training sessions today and plenty more to come I'm sure they're looking forward to another excellent regatta season at Masters Champs and Henley Masters.

Winners: Op.MasD.4x: Rod, Cherry, Clare, Steve L, 1/3, 11:52.4 (12:26.4 without handicap)
Not daunted by racing in the open category (against all-male crews), our mixed quad had a strong race and won a close victory over another quad from Peterborough. Maybe you should race Open more often...?

Winners: Op.8+ (Band 2): John S, James, Charlie, Shaun, Phil C, Paul, Callum, Aidan, cox: Becky, 1/4, 17:09.1
A cracking race from the guys saw them start from the back of the back and power past everyone else in their category thanks to some excellent coxing from Becky. If they'd been in Band 1 then they'd have been right up there with some really good crews. They should be really pleased with how well they did, and look to really build on that as they head towards Head of the Trent and then HORR.

Winners: W.MasC.8+: Karen, Paula, Alice, Kate, Jo, Jen, Jayne, Suzanne, cox: Jenny, 1/4, 18:51.5 (19:22.5 without handicap)
Another Milton Keynes ladies crew with no need for their handicap, our ladies smashed crews from Peterborough, Star and Loughborough. They too need to be looking ahead to Head of the Trent, WEHORR and also Vets Head, building on how they raced this weekend and learning the lessons they need to keep on improving.

W.MasE.2-: Rod, Steve L, 2/3, 11:34.8 (12:30.8 without handicap)
Rod and Steve beat one much younger crew from Bedford, but couldn't quite get the better of another pair from Peterborough. They know they are still getting used to their new boat though, and they'll keep improving as they get used to it and head towards Masters Champs and Henley Masters.

W.MasB.1x: Cherry, 1/1, 14:02.4 (14:09.4 without handicap)
Cherry was a bit daunted by the course and the distance, but in the end she handled them really well and beat her opposition (who, admittedly, didn't show up ;-)).

Op.4+: Steve B, Leo, Tim B, Lee, cox: Jenny, NRO
This crew had a setback before they even arrived when their stroke got rear-ended and couldn't make it to the race. Semi-injured cox Steve B subbed in and Jenny very kindly volunteered to cox, but part-way through the race Steve realised this was a bad idea, so they swapped and Jenny had a go at stroking on the way back. Apparently she enjoyed it...