WEHORR, 134/300, 22:22.7

Karen, Paula, Alice, Jayne, Jo, Kate, Katharine, Suzanne, cox: Chris
Our ladies had a great start and middle section, not being put off by those around them and hitting a rhythm that they mostly maintained to Hammersmith. With fewer crews to work off and a headwind after Hammersmith they struggled a little, not quite recapturing the great row they had at Trent two weeks ago, but they wound it up brilliantly for the finish and should be very happy with their result. As a now mostly masters squad, it's phenomenal to be in the top half of this race, and their time would have put them second out of 8 in their age category had they entered as masters, which means they will be keeping up their training and absolutely gunning for Vets Head in two weeks time!