Winners: W.MasC.8+: Karen, Jayne, Lisa, Alice, Jo, Clare, Helen S, Suzanne, cox: Chris, 1/4, 3:39.1

This was our last race of the day and we wanted to make it count. Off the start all the crews were neck and neck. We kept on our own rhythm though, not worrying about the other crews, and we and Peterborough slowly pulled ahead of the others as everyone struggled with the conditions. A few well timed pushes saw us pull out to a comfortable half-length ahead of Peterborough, and we held that until we crossed the line.

Winner: Op 1x: Matyas, 1/4, 3:32.0 (? not sure about time)

Op 1x: John S, 2/4, 3:46.2
Matyas and John were our first races, and we all thought they were crazy since they were half swamped before they pushed off! Nevertheless they went for it, and showed they could handle the conditions better than the other crews by getting an MK one-two. There is a video on Hudl of Matyas (and John in the background) sculling well across the line which shows the waves!

MasE-F 2-: Rod, Steve L

Rod and Steve's race unfortunately ended before it began, as a combination of the further away start line, late boating and not very helpful marshalling meant they missed their race. They will have plenty of other opportunities this summer to show us what they can do though!

WMasC 2x: Jenny, Helen M, 3/4, 3:52.6

Helen and Jenny came a close third, which they should be happy with in the conditions, and it will be great to see what they can do back in Nottingham in a few week's time at Masters Champs.

WMasB 4+: Jo, Kate, Alice, Jayne, cox: Jenny, 2/3, 3:57.9

The ladies didn't have their fastest start, but they held it together well through the race and had a strong finish. This crew (more or less) will be racing again this summer so it's a good start, with lots of potential to get faster.

WMasC 4+: Karen, Suzanne, Helen S, Jen P, cox: Chris, 3/4, 4:07.0

With the mercifully calm(ish) conditions on the start line we had a clean start. We hit a decent but not-quite-perfect rhythm for most of the race, then settled into a really good rhythm for the last 250m or so and started to eat into second place, finishing just a quarter of a length behind.

Op 4+: John S, Shaun, Matyas, Aidan, cox: Steve L, 2/4, (no time yet)

This crew (with Matyas subbing for Charlie) has raced together a lot over the winter, but this was their first chance to do so at a regatta. They coped well with the conditions but were beaten by a much stronger (and larger) Cambridge 99s crew. Hopefully we'll see them out again this summer!