Hello all

Regatta season is now in full swing with our first proper two day event under our belt. We've come away with several wins and a lot of good, competitive racing - all the details are below!

In two weeks time is the first big target event for our masters crews, the British Rowing Masters Championships. Everyone who has raced at Notts Masters and Peterborough now has two weeks to put the finishing touches on their starts and pieces before we go for gold!

Full results with all the times are on the regatta website.

Saturday Race Results

Winner: Op 1x (Band 2): Matyas, 1/4 in heat in 4:11.4, 1/4 in final in 3:48.1

A really commanding row from Matyas in both the heat and the final, following up his win last week with another this week!

Winners: Op 2- (Band 2): Charlie, Shaun, 1/3 in heat in 3:49.1, 1/4 in final in 3:43.9

Another dominating performance, Charlie and Shaun powered to victory in both their races. Despite focussing mostly on the 8, all those ergs and steadily improving technique make them a force to be reckoned with whatever boat they are in!

Op 1x (Band 1): Steve L, 4/4 in heat in 4:18.4

There were no masters events on Saturday, so Steve went for it in Open! As an experienced sculler he found himself in Band 1, battling it out with some much younger (and taller!) scullers, but he put in a very creditable row against them.

Op 4+ (Band 2): Matyas, Shaun, Charlie, Paul, cox: Steve B, 2/4 in heat in 3:27.7, 1/3 in repechage in 3:25.7, 3/4 in final in 3:27.8

More used to 8s than 4s, these guys showed once again just how far they have come with some quick rows against fast crews. They made it to the final but couldn't quite come out on top in the final race.

Op 1x (Band 3): Ian, 3/4 in heat in 4:46.8

Ian had a really good battle with another rower in his heat, and enjoyed having someone to push off, so definitely gained a lot from this race.

W4+ (Band 1): Karen, Paula, Helen S, Suzanne, cox: Steve B, 3/4 in heat in 4:12.5

Our WMasE 4+ again missed not having masters events to enter, but made the most of it with a good row that should give them a lot of confidence going into the big upcoming Masters Champs and Henley Masters regattas.

W 4+ (Band 1): Jo, Kate, Alice, Clare, cox: Chris, 2/3 in heat in 4:20.2, 3/3 in repechage in 4:37.1

Our WMasB/C 4+ made it through the heat and into the repechage. They put a lot into both races and have learnt a lot of very useful lessons for the upcoming Masters Champs and Henley races.

Op 2x (Band 2): Malcolm, Ian, 4/4 in heat in 4:51.2

Malcolm's first ever regatta race, and word on the street is he loved it! Hopefully he'll be back for more.

W8+ (Band 1): Karen, Paula, Jo, Kate, Alice, Clare, Helen S, Suzanne, cox: Chris, 3/3 in heat in 3:44.1

This was a really closely fought race, with our ladies second off the start and battling with the other two much younger university crews all the way to the finish. Despite herculean efforts they couldn't quite hold off the Birmingham crew to get through to the final, but they should be really pleased with how they raced, and coming on top of the win the previous week it bodes well for Masters Champs and Henley Masters.

Sunday Race Results

Since I couldn't make it on Sunday and don't know how all the races went, I've just put reports for the winners. Sorry to the other crews, but I will be at all our other races this summer so there are lots more write-ups to come :-)

Winners: WMasC 2x: Jenny, Helen M, 1/4 in heat in 4:04.0, 1/4 in final in 4:01.3

Helen and Jenny returned to Peterborough and came away with two more pots to add to their very impressive collection! Roll on the next regattas.

Winners: Op 2-: Charlie, Shaun, 1/4 in heat in 3:51.7, 1/4 in final in 3:37.4

Not content with smashing it the day before, Charlie and Shaun struck again! They had a much closer race this time, battling all the way in the final to win by just 0.2 seconds.

Winner: WMasC 1x: Helen M, 1/4 in final in 4:26.4

Helen proved once again she is the fastest Women's Masters C sculler for miles around with a very impressive win.

Op 4+ (Band 1): Shaun, Chris H, Paul, Alex, cox: Ian, 4/4 (by just 0.5 seconds) in heat in 3:48.6

Op 2x (Band 3): Alex, Ian, 4/4 in heat in 4:54.6

W 4+ (Band 3): Lisa, Jodie, Jess, Clare, cox: Alice, 3/4 in heat in 4:45.9

W 8+ (Band 1): Alice, Jen P, Lisa, Jodie, Jess, Clare, Helen S, Suzanne, cox: Steve B, 4/4 in final in 4:05.1

MasE 2-: Rod, Steve L, 4/4 in final in 4:06.0

MasE 1x: Rod, 4/4 in final in 4:28.4

MasE 1x: Steve L, 2/4 in final in 4:14.1