Hello all

A successful weekend at the huge British Rowing Masters Championships in Nottingham saw us come away with three medals, which is a great result at by far the largest and most competitive masters event of the year. All of our crews had good races despite a strong headwind, and they should all be proud of their results.

Many of them will be racing again in a few weeks time at Henley Masters, so they need to be straight back on their training ready for that smaller but even more prestigious event.

Race Results

Silver Medal, W C 8+: Karen, Paula, Jo, Kate, Alice, Katharine, Helen S, Suzanne, cox: Chris; 2/5 in 4:11.7

This was a really tight race between all 5 crews. We were together off the start, then Kingston/Ardingly started to pull away slightly, leaving us neck and neck with Broxbourne for most of the race. A heroic push in the last 200m saw us open up almost a length over Broxbourne, but sadly not quite enough to catch the winners.
The race was so exciting, it even got a mention in the British Rowing report (6th paragraph)

Bronze Medal, W C 1x: Helen M; 3/6 in 4:51.3

Helen found it tough in the conditions in a her single, and had a real tussle for second place near the end. Given the conditions and the people she knew she was up against she was really happy with her bronze medal.

Bronze Medal, W E 4+: Karen, Paula, Helen S, Suzanne, cox: Chris; 3/6 in 4:43.5

Coming less than two hours after the close 8s race, the crew certainly found this tough going! We were in second place about half a length ahead of York for the first third of the race, but then they slowly moved through us and we didn't quite have enough left in the tank to hold them. It was still a great row though and they should be very happy with their Bronze medals.

Non-Championship D-F 4+: Phil C, Pete, Mike P, Callum, cox: Chris; 2/5 in 4:21.7

This was a good race and it was awesome for the crew to be right up in the field. They may have missed out on the medal (only 1st place gets a medal in Non-Championship), but it gave the crew a lot of race experience and practice going into their main D 4+ on Sunday.

Non-Championship A-C 4+: Phil C, Pete, Les, Callum, cox: Chris; 5/5 in 4:26.9

This was stern pair of our D 4+ with Les and Callum adding some replacement muscle in bow pair. In good conditions this might have been a winning combination, but a windy Holme Pierrepoint didn't quite suit them. Nevertheless it's all good race experience for Phil and Pete heading on to Henley!

W C 2x: Jenny, Helen M; 3/6 in 4:49.1 in heat, 6/6 in 4:33.3 in final

Helen and Jenny safely made it through their heat, and had a close race in their final with 2nd to 6th all within 6 seconds of each other!

W Non-Championship A-C 4+: Jo, Kate, Alice, Katharine, cox: Chris; 2/4 in (unknown time)

This was a great first race for the crew this weekend, finishing just over a length off first place and having a good race despite the conditions.

W A/B 4+: Jo, Kate, Alice, Katharine, cox: Chris; 3/5 in 4:37.7

A bouncy first half to the race meant the crew took a while to settle to a good rhythm, but in the last 200m they really picked it up, going from level with Lea in 4th to half a length clear at the end.

Non-Championship D-F 2x: Steve L, Rod; 4/6 in 4:32.2

Since they were here to race their pair, Rod and Steve thought they'd have a punt at a Non-Championship double too. Perhaps not quite matching the finesse of their pair, they nevertheless got a respectable result.

D 4+: Phil C, Pete, Mike P, Chao, cox: Steve B; 4/4 in 4:23.0

The guys had a good row, putting everything they have been working on into practice, but sadly it wasn't quite enough to get them in the medals this time round. They will be keen to get back to MK and work as hard as they can ready for Henley Masters.

E 2-: Rod, Steve L; 4/6 in 4:36.4

Not quite in the medals this time, but Rod and Steve had a close race with several of the other crews that I'm sure they will be happy they came out on top of.