Hello all

My last race results email... :-(

As usual we put in an absolutely huge number of entries for our regatta, including many Development crews (hope you all enjoyed it guys!) and some more 'unusual' combinations. We won (at least) 7 events, which is great when you think that almost none of them were established crews, and that we were all busy trying to run a regatta at the same time!

Given the large number of crews I haven't done commentary or photos for each race, just included the results. You can see lots of Clare's photos on our Facebook group though, and DE Photography (the guys with the van) have also put the photos that they took on their website.


Full results are online here

For most of the 3-boat races it doesn't seem to say who came second, only who won, so any race without a winning margin given below means that there were 3 boats in the race and I don't know if our crew came second or third.

Op Pri 4x+: Alan, Steve V, Nigel Jonah cox Paula. vs Peterborough in semi-final (results not recorded, but I think they won the semi-final at least)

Op Mas C/D/E/F 2x: Steve, L Rod. vs Bentham in semi-final, lost by 1 length

WMas D/E 1x: Karen. vs Cantabrigian in final, lost by 4 lengths

Op 1x: Ian. Lost to Loughborough in semi-final

Mx Pri Stable 2x: Midge, Alan. vs Loughborough in semi-final, lost by 5 lengths

Winners: Mx Pri Stable 2x: Sarka, Jonah. vs MK (Susan and Chris H) in semi-final, won by 2 1/2 lengths, vs Hillingdon in final won by 4 lengths

Mx Pri Stable 2x: Susan, Chris H. vs MK (Sarka Jonah) in semi-final lost by 2 1/2 lengths

Op Mas D/E 1x: Rod. vs Broxbourne in semi-final NRO, vs Hollowell in final lost by 1/2 length

Op 2-: Charlie, James. vs Oundle in final NRO

Winner: W Pri Stable 1x: Charlotte. vs MK and Peterborough, won

W Pri Stable 1x: Claire. Lost to MK Charlotte

Op Pri 2x: Nigel, Alan. vs Peterborough in semi-final, lost

W 4x: Kat, Claire, Maude, Paula. vs Oundle in semi-final lost by 5 lengths

W Pri 4x+: Charlotte, Claire, Sarka, Susan, cox Cath. vs Northampton and Oundle in semi-final, lost to Oundle

WMas B/C/D 4+: Helen S, Kate, Katharine, Jen P, cox: Becky, vs Peterborough and Peterborough in final, lost to Peterborough (the winning margin was a bow ball!)

Op Mas C/D/E/F 2x: Malcolm, Ian. vs Oundle and Cantabrigian in final, lost to Oundle

Winner: Op Pri Stable 1x: Jonah. vs MK (Chris H) in final, won by 1 length

Op Pri Stable 1x: Chris H. vs MK (Jonah) in final lost by 1 length

Winners: Mx 2x: John S, Izzy. vs Broxbourne in final won by 3 lengths

Mx 2x: Maude, Chris W. vs Oundle and Bedford in final, lost to Oundle

Winner: WMas A/B 1x: Alice. vs MK and Oundle in final, won by 2 feet

WMas A/B 1x: Jenny. vs MK and Oundle, lost to MK

W2x: Maude, Jen P. vs Peterborough and Huntingdon, lost to Huntingdon by 2 lengths

W8+: Karen, Paula, Alice, Kate, Katharine, Jen P, Helen S, Suzanne, cox: Becky. vs Broxbourne in final lost by 1 1/2 lengths

WMas F/G/H 1x: Trish. vs Broxbourne in final lost by 5 lengths

Op Mas D/E 1x: Steve L. vs Bentham and Hollowell in final, lost to Hollowell

W Pri Stable 2x: Claire, Charlotte. vs Oundle (result unknown)

Winners: Op 8+: John S, James, Benn, Paul, Rich, Charlie, Paul, Callum, cox: Becky. vs Stowe in final won by 1/2 length

Winners: Mx Mas D8+: Karen, Steve L, Rod, Chris W, Mike P, Kate, Katharine, Suzanne, cox: Alice. vs Loughborough in final won by 1 length