Hello all

A good days racing yesterday in sunny but cold Bedford. Really great to see some new members racing and some new crew combinations too.

Op 2x ( Band 1) Winners 1/3 ( Time 7:59)

An excellent result for John and Shaun who looked strong and powerful as they came over the finish line. Another successful combination for the men's squad and hopefully we'll see more of them.

W MasE 1x Winner 1/2 ( Time 10.51)

My first head race in many years so I was pleased to finish upright and dry in a MK v MK race against Liz.

W MasE 1x 2/2 ( Time 11:52)

Good to see Liz racing again in her 1x and she also finished upright and dry!

W MasA 1x 2/2 ( Time 9.38)

Alice was a little disappointed with her race but the results show she got the same raw time as her rival who was MasB and who therefore won with the handicap of 4 seconds.

Mix MasC 2x 2/2 ( Time 10:13)

Another new combination with Liz and Ian joining forces to race a very experienced Oundle Town crew.

W MasD 4+ 2/2 (Time 8:51)

Karen,Kate,Helen,Jayne Cox Alice

It was a solid row for us and although we were faster on raw time we were up against a MasE crew from Star who won on handicap by 1 second !

Open 4+ (Band 1) 5/5 (Time 7:44)

John,Shaun,ChrisW,Paul Cox SteveB

After some last minute boat repairs this was a good race for this crew against a strong field.

MasD 2x 4/4 (Time 10:07)

Ian's second race of the day and Malcolm's debut race in Bedford. I'm sure we'll see more from these two.

W 4+( Band1) 2/3 (Time 8:51)

Alice,Jo,Kat,Clare Cox Chris

This crew said they had a good first 1K and amazingly got exactly the same time as the WMasD 4+. Good to see Kat in her first race for MK too.

MasA 1x 3/3 (Time 10:20)

Ian's third and final race of the day was in his 1x. A tough race after a very long and cold wait at the start in the last division.

W J16 1x (Band1) Winner 1/6 (Time 8.48)

Well done to Izzy who was racing as Bedford but trains here at Caldecotte with Action for Youth.

A brilliant time against quality opposition.