A very successful day at Northampton on Saturday with 4 wins for the club with the bonus of the Men's 8 (and Jo) winning the trophy for fastest crew of the day! Well done to everyone who raced on a cold but snowfree day!!

Op 8+ 1/4 (5,56,6) Winners

John James Charlie Shaun Les Jo Mike Chris cox SteveB

Great race from our men's squad really showing what MKRC can achieve - final division of the day with John having raced in every division and Jo (subbing for an injured Paul) showing the strength there is in the women's squad too.

B1 W 8+ 1/2 (6.32.3) Winners

Jo Paula Heidi Jayne HelenS Clare Karen Suzanne cox Chris

Another good result and a great time for Jo and women's squad showing the Northampton W8+ how to win.

W MasE 4+ 1/3 (7.04.1) Winners

Karen Paula HelenS Suzanne cox JenP

Some great coxing from Jen kept us out of trouble down the course despite a close encounter with a slow W4+ and a very fast men's 2x!

MasF 1x 1/4 (7.16.9) Winner

Having had some time off due to an injury it was great to see SteveL back on form against some quality competition.

W MasC 4+ 2/3 (7.24.1)

Heidi Lou Jayne Jen cox Kat

Good to see Heidi and Lou racing again and a solid row from this crew.

Op 4- 2/2 (6.47.9)

Shaun Charlie James John

This crew were disappointed with their result as a couple of close encounters with bends on the course meant that they did not fulfil their potential.

Op 2x 2/2 (6.54.7)

John Shaun

Second race for John and a good time against a very fast crew from Falcon

Op 1x 3/4 (7.13.8)

Johns 3rd trip down the river saw him a few seconds behind his rivals.

MasG 4x 6/6 (6.45.2)

Roger Peter Malcolm MikeP

Great to see our older members showing that they are not just Recreational and competing against some very fast and experienced Master quads.

W 4+ Time Only (7.46.4)

Jo Alice Kat Jen cox Paula

A tough race for this crew as it was their first time together in a 4+.

W 1x 2/4 (8.01.1)

Another solid row gave Alice a good time and put her just ahead of Leicester and only a few seconds away from a fast sculler from Falcon.

Mx 4x+ Time Only (8.56.3)

Charlotte George Emma Dickson cox Alice

Great to see some of our Development Squad looking good in their first race in a fine boat.

Well done to all