It was a very early and foggy start for us driving up on Sunday and then the race was unfortunately also delayed until the fog lifted on the Trent. Finally the sun broke through giving us almost perfect rowing conditions - light breeze,slight stream and fairly flat water.

Division 1 5.7k

Op Band 3 8+ MK/Northampton composite (3/5 Time 19.01.3)

John,Charlie,Shaun + 5 Northampton rowers

A first race for these guys who have now trained together for a few weeks. Chasing the Leicester crew in front hard all the way down the course they were unlucky to miss out on a second place in Band 3 by only 1.1 seconds.

W MasD 8+ (3/5 Time 20.34.3)

Karen Paula Jo Jayne HelenS Lou Katherine Suzanne cox Chris

With Ellie Mai out of action we borrowed a women's boat from Northampton. It was an unfamiliar boat to us with a very different 'feel' to EM. We were disappointed to be beaten by the Peterborough /Leicester composite we had beaten just a couple of weeks ago but considering the circumstances we were not too far off the mark.The winning 8+ was also a composite of 5 different clubs.

Worth noting that our adjusted time was about 1.45 slower than the top Nottingham Band 1 Womens 8+ and 2.45 on raw time. (for comparisons for boat speed to previous years for those who like to play with the numbers!)

Division 3 5.7k

Op Band 3 4- (3/4 Time 20.28.6)

Op Band 3 4- (4/4 Time 22.15.9)

John and Shaun raced the 5.7k course again in the afternoon with 6 Northampton rowers - no details unfortunately except that they were probably very tired !