WC 4+: 23.37.3 Cherry, Jayne, Lou, Heidi, Kim Cox (3rd)

Facing strong crews of the likes of Lea and Thames, Kim had composure and control of the race negotiating a course of tricky bends in the Thames and with other crews jostling for space. With only just over half a minute separating them from the winners Bewdley, Kim motivated her crew, looking strong and determined to finish with a well-earned 3rd place.

WE4+: 23:43:4 Paula, Katherine, Karen, Helen, Chris Cox (2nd)

Sitting tall and driving the crew on, Chris is the man you can trust with all his experience on the Thames. There were compliments from spectators on the bridge on how engaged they were from Hammersmith Bridge. All that effort paid off as they finished in 2nd place, holding off other strong crews close by. It’s an example of how good catches matter to make up those few seconds at the end.