Hello all

Just three crews entered at Peterborough HOR on Saturday.

It was a very windy day and conditions were extreme with crews having to battle through a cross/headwind that just got stronger and stronger as the day progressed.

Marshalling was very challenging as boats were being blown sideways into the bank and other crews by the crosswind as they tried to find their place. Conditions were so bad the organisers decide to shorten the 5K course in Div 3 to 2.5K and only allow the eights to race - but having battled through the waves in Div 2 the Womens Mas8 decided enough was enough and scratched from Div 3.

Result are below :

Div 1 2.5K

WMas 1x Time 16.55.7 1/3 Winner

Alice used her power and length to fight through the conditions and win her category by a huge margin of 9 minutes and 40 seconds She also beat the times of all the Band 2 scullers and would have been 3rd in the Band 1 event. An excellent result definitely worth the early start!

Div 2 2.5K

W8+ Time 16.23.6 Time Only

Helen Katherine Juliet Kate Armelle Alice Jayne Lou cox Kim

Two of our Development Women Armelle and Juliet joined the Senior ladies for this race. Sadly they raced Time Only as their opposition scratched. However their time was brilliant and placed them 2nd overall against some very experienced eights racing in Div 3 and only 6 seconds behind the fastest Women's eight of the day.

Op4+ Time 18.20.5 3/5

ChrisW Hugh Dickson Rick cox Karen

Sitting in the coxes seat gave me a very different perspective on this race. The waves and the strong cross/headwind which would gust and blow the crew sideways on occasions meant that it was a case of focusing on control and applying the power as effectively as possible together through the conditions. We overtook one crew fairly quickly and caught the next by the end of the race. An excellent time put us just 37 seconds behind the winners from Star Club.