Peterborough Regatta 2010

Saturday 5th June

Men's IM3 4+ boat; as this comprised one experienced rower and three novices, they were a bit outclassed in their heat by three Uni crews and trailed in last.

Women's Masters B 4+. They placed second (of three) in a straight final, partly helped by a spectacular crab by Star that left their boat sideways on the course.

Karen and Lou competed for the first time together in a double (at Masters C) and a few steering issues saw them at the back of the field (this wasn’t helped by the copious amounts of pond weed in Lane 1!).

IM3 4x-. Up against two Uni crews and a Leicester Uni/Club composite, Lost by under a length to the Leicester Uni crew.

Masters D 2x-. Running on empty from the IM34x-, trailed behind the others in what was described as “a tired row”.

Sunday 6th June

Novice Single Scull. Despite a really strong row (in only his second single race) Josh just failed to get third and a spot in the repêchage.

Novice Double. Again, a good race but again, without success.

Mixed Novice 4+ boat. A slow start but a strong push was pulling them back into the field but unfortunately came last.

Women's Masters C 4+, Unfortunately our ladies were left to bring up the rear.

Mixed Quad – IM3. We were utterly outclassed, giving Lincoln the easiest win they are ever likely to get.

Masters Novice 2x. This was to be Rob’s first ever race in a double and his main concern was to finish upright and dry. In the event, they accomplished this easily and in doing so took the win!

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