MKRC members at St Neots Regatta Well done to everyone who raced at St Neots this weekend. great fun, good experience for everyone and and a fantastic return to racing with a pot for the men's squad !

Weather was cooler than we thought and breezy at times but we were fortunate to miss the thunderstorms!


  • W 1x Alice

    A strong row in the heat meant Alice beat Norwich RC by 2 lengths.

    However in the semi-final after a great start the bend (and a second 1000m race) got the better of her and she lost to Cambridge 99's.

  • WJ17 1x Freya

    Fantastic to see Juniors competing for MK again. This was Freya's first race in a 1x and she was very nervous but had a great race against Lyons from Leicester RC who eventually went on to win the event.

  • WJ17 1x Alexandra

    Amazing to see how far Alexandra has come since starting to scull with MK back in April this year. A great first race from her as she won easily in the quarter-final over Scott from Leicester RC who had some steering issues off the start. In the semi-final she raced well again but was beaten by an experienced sculler from Sudbury.

  • WJ17 2x Alexandra Freya

    In the double this time for another first race together the girls sculled well to be beaten by a very strong double from Leicester RC.

  • W 4+ Helen Katherine Juliet Karen cox Kim

    Racing 1000m against an experienced and younger crew was a shock to the system for this scratch crew who lost to Star.

  • Op 2x Band 3 Winners Chris Ross

    Chris and Ross had their debut race in a 2x and looked smooth and strong in the semi-final beating London Otters by 3 lengths. Later in the final they again looked strong to beat University of York by a commanding 4 lengths.

    A well deserved result for all their commitment to training.


  • W 4+ Helen Katherine Karen Suzanne cox Kim

    A different crew today and a shorter distance over 500m but beaten by the younger crew from Norwich who went on to win the event.

  • W 1x Alice

    Some good racing for Alice today who beat the St Neots sculler by 4 lengths in the heat and fought well against the City of Oxford sculler but eventually lost by just a length.

  • W 1x Jo

    Another really exciting and close race as Jo fought hard down the course but was also just beaten by another City of Oxford girl by 3/4 length.

  • Op 2x

    In an big event with 12 crews today Chris and Ross sculled well again but were unfortunate to be drawn against a very strong crew from Globe today who eventually went through to the final.

  • WJ18 2x

    Today the girls were rowing up an age category and sculled strongly but were beaten by the crew from St Neots by 2 lengths.

  • W 2x

    This was Juliet's first race in a 2x and she and Jo sculled strongly to beat the crew from Leeds University easily and were bowball to bowball at the halfway point with the crew from St Ives RC when unfortunately Juliet's oar came out of her gate. Luckily they didn't capsize but a reminder to us all about checking equipment before we race !

  • WJ17 1x Alexandra

    Another race today in the1x but with some some steering issues of the start Alexandra was beaten by the crew from Broxbourne.

  • WJ17 1x Freya

    A shorter distance today and Freya sculled well but was beaten by the eventual winner of the event from Doncaster Schools.

  • Op 4+ Ross Mac Alan Chris cox Kim

    In the afternoon the men's 4+ looked long and strong in the semi-final and fought hard to beat the crew from Lea RC. The final was another exciting and close race against Churchill College who eventually won by 1 1/4 lengths.

Next races in Peterborough in 3 weeks time !