A warm weekend at Henley Masters for those who were racing but sadly no medals this year.

WMasD1x HelenM

First off was Helen who raced well in the QF to defeat Marin Rowing Association USA by a convincing verdict of Easily in a time of 4.40.

In the SF she came up against a familiar face from Bedford Rowing Club and raced well again but could not defeat her old rival, who then went on to win the event in a time of 4.17 in the Final.

WMasD 8 +

Cox Rhiannon - HelenS Paula Karen Katherine Jo Mabel Lucy Suzanne

Next race was the eight, who raced against the Mortlake Anglian and Alpha/Strathclyde composite. Although we didn't realise it at the time this was a strong crew who had won at Masters Champs in June and again at the Euromasters in Bled early in July. With all that race experience together they defeated us by 2 1/4 lengths in a time of 3.47. They then lost to Marin Rowing association in the SF who went on to win the event from Broxbourne in a time of 3.39

WMasF 4+

Cox Rhiannon - HelenS Paula Karen Suzanne

This crew raced against Monmouth in the SF. This was a very close race all the way down the course. Initially we took the lead off the start but they then just pushed past us. They stayed just in front all the way down the course despite a good finish from us and the verdict was 1/2 length in a time of 4.22. The other SF was won by Marlow in a time of 4.36. In the Final Monmouth beat Marlow by 5 lengths in a time of 4.33.

Great to see many rowing friends again and thanks to all our supporters.