St Neots Regatta 24th & 25th July 2010

Saturday 24th July

IM3 4x- Lost against Boston by a length.

IM3 1x- Tim lost to a sculler from Doncaster Schools.

Masters D 2x- Despite a good start lost to Abingdon by a length.

Women’s IM2 2x- Although Liz and Jo were clear and didn’t impede their competition, Leeds lodged a protest which was upheld, leading to the girls being disqualified.

Sunday 25th July

W.Nov 2x- A first race for Yemin and Lou as a Novice double. Sticking to their opponents all down the course, however a slight steering glitch cost them time losing by three lengths down.

W.IM2 4+ Beating Bedford, they reached the final but unfortunately beaten by Peterborough by 3/4 length.

Mst D 2x- A bad start and gave the Maidstone crew a half length lead who then went on to win the race.

Mixed IM3 2x- Father and daughter combination faced a tough round against Lincoln. They lost by a length and a half.

W.IM2 2x- Winning their two heats, Jo and Liz were up against Leeds again! This time MK claimed victory.

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