Cambridge Autumn Regatta 12th September 2010

IM3 4+ A hard race, against losing finalists First and Third Trinity, saw them beaten by one length.

Mixed Novice 2x- Tom and Lindy dominated this event, putting in two very strong races to beat both Deben and Peterborough with “easily” verdicts to win this category.

IM1 2- Unfortunately steering issues that saw them finish well behind a Wolfson College crew.

Novice 4+ Being their first event, we weren’t expecting much but were very wrong – they gave a more experienced Star crew a good race, finishing just a length and a half down.

IM3 8+ This was the first mens’ eight out since St. Neots two years ago, and was basically a scratch crew lost by only three quarters of a length.

W Novice 2x- More steering problems saw Lou and Yemin visit the bank a couple of times, causing them to lose easily to a Maidstone Invicta crew.

CRA Womens 8+ A poor start from the Womens’ eight saw them drop a length behind Champion of the Thames and over 600m weren’t able to haul this back.

W Masters B/C 4+ Despite having the handicap in their favour, this boat just didn’t click and struggled in three lengths down on Peterborough.

W IM2 4+ – two crews! The two MK crews faced each other in the first round. In the final, the IM2 girls were against Peterborough. A slow start dropped then a length down but they clawed this back to finish an agonising two feet behind the other boat.

Mixed Masters C/E 2x- Not the best of races from Steve and Clare, fighting against the handicap to finish well off of the Peterborough double.

Masters B/C/D 4x- Beat Medway Town by three quarters of a length. However, in the final MK were on the wrong side of a four second handicap and, despite another really quick start, didn’t make much of a dent in Broxbourne’s lead, trailing in by two and a half lengths.

Masters C/D 2x- Were against a Poplar, Blackwell and District double who’d been losing finalists at Henley – and they had a four second age handicap in their favour.  MK finished three lengths down.

Mixed IM2 4+ The very strong four powered off the start and pulled away from the Broxbourne boat, to take a well deserved win by two and a half lengths.

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