Star Head – 21st November 2010

W.IM2 4+ Only two boats in this category, with our ladies falling to St. Neots by just four seconds.

Masters B 2x- Winners.

Novice 2x- Benn and Gwen reprising their multi-national crew again but not quite as successfully as last time out.

W.IM3 4+ Powered through to win by over 30 seconds from three other crews.

Masters C 4x- Winners by 34 seconds.

IM3 4+ Finshed 27 seconds adrift of the winning Sudbury boat.

W. Masters C 4+ Winners.

W.IM1 2- Finished just 16 seconds adrift of the winning Cambridge 99.

Novice 4+ Third, Losing to two Bedford schools.

Masters D 1x Third out of three, 35 seconds adrift.

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