Northampton Head, January 29th 2011

Not quite as successful at Northampton Head as in previous years, we came away with just two wins.

W.Mas C 4+ Time only

Mas B/C 2x- Pierre-Yves and Tim racing together, second of two

W. IM3 2x- New combination of Jo and Andi, third of three but just four seconds behind second

Mas. D 2x- Steve and Rob, third of four, a close race as just five seconds off the winners

Mas. B 8+ Really nice to be able to put out a men’s eight again, finished last of four (not helped by Rob's seat breaking)

W. IM3 4+ Paula, Lou, Karen and Clare back out again, putting in a faster time to win the category

Mxd. IM3 2x- Two crews out, with the more experienced pair of Jo and TYim beating Andi and Josh to claim the win

Mst C 4x- Usual quad, finishing second of three

IM2 4+A scratch of James, Benn, Nelson and Josh rowing up a level, still finished third (of three) but only eight seconds off the winning school crew